Girls Varsity Tennis · Girls Varsity Tennis beats Bearden 8 – 1

8 Maryville High School
1 Bearden High School
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Maryville High School vs Bearden High School
8 1

The Maryville High School Girls Tennis Team faced its second toughest challenge on Wednesday afternoon. The Lady Rebels traveled to Gettysvue Country Club to face District 4LS rival Bearden High School. Maryville looked to get back on track after dropping a district match the day before. With plenty still to play for, Maryville still had the goal of beating their district rivals.

The day began with doubles being played first. Maryville would get an early lead as Court 2 would go to the Lady Rebels. The duo of Noelle Beswick and Payton Murray would prevail 8-1 to make it 1-0 Maryville. The Lady Rebels would strike again from Court 3 doubles as the team of Angelique Beswick and Rachel Huffer would dominate their court with an 8-0 win. Looking to sweep the doubles, Lady Rebels Dawson Baxter and Karie Schultze would find themselves in a tight battle with Bearden’s Elle Debord and Emily Chung. Baxter and Schultze would outlast Debord and Chung 8-6 for the Maryville victory. Maryville would find itself in unfamiliar territory heading into singles against Bearden, leading 3-0.

Maryville would just need two courts in singles play out of the six to claim a win over their rival.
Court 6 would go the Lady Rebels way as Rachel Huffer would take her court with a 8-4 win over Bearden’s Olivia Hailey. 4-0 Maryville and one point away from clinching. Maryville Senior Payton Murray would come up with the clincher in dominating fashion as she would take Court 4 in an 8-0 win over Bearden’s Kaylen Defreece. Maryville would lead 5-0, but the match of the day would be on Court 5 as Maryville’s Angelique Beswick and Bearden’s Kylie Stooksbury would be locked in a back and forth battle. Their match would go tie break. Beswick would win the breaker 7-2 to win her court 9-8 for the Lady Rebels to make the lead 6-0. Court 3 would also prove to be a tough battle as Maryville’s Karie Schultze would defeat Gillian Line 8-5 to push the lead 7-0. Bearden would find the scoreboard to prevent the Maryville sweep as Elle Debord would win Court 1 in a tough battle over Noelle Beswick making the duel match score 7-1 in favor of the Lady Rebels. With Court 2 still out, it would go to Maryville as Dawson Baxter would win 8-3 over Emily Chung. Maryville wins 8-1 over Bearden.

The win improves Maryville to a 10-2 record overall and are on pace at 6-1 to lock up second in District 4LS. Maryville gets only a short time to celebrate as they are back at it on Thursday afternoon as they travel to Heritage. Match time is set for 4:30pm at the Heritage High School Tennis Courts.

Girls Tennis Box Score:

Elle Debord (B) def Noelle Beswick (M) 8-5
Dawson Baxter (M) def Emily Chung (B) 8-3
Karie Schultze (M) def Gillian Line (B) 8-5
Payton Murray (M) def Kaylen Defreece (B) 8-0
Angelique Beswick (M) def Kylie Stooksbury (B) 9-8 (2)
Rachel Huffer (M) def Olivia Hailey (B) 8-4

Baxter / Schultze (M) def Debord / Chung (B) 8-6
N. Beswick / Murray (M) def Line / Defreece (B) 8-1
A. Beswick / Huffer (M) def Hailey / Stooksbury (B) 8-0

Order of Finish:
Doubles: 2, 3, 1 Singles: 6, 4*, 5, 3, 1, 2
* Clinched Match

Maryville (10-2, 6-1) def Bearden (6-3 D4LS) 8-1